Transformed Series

We all want to change. We turn to books, fads, prescriptions, even religion… but after all the money and all the programs, we’re often left looking for more. Philemon is an ancient letter, short but staggering in its power and beauty. This is an on-the-ground account of God’s call to change – and His power to change us.

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Building Update #21

This April marks our third year worshipping together at John Wood Community College. If you know the story, you know that we never expected to be at JWCC for so long. When our elders made the decision to sell our property at 18th & Harrison, we were confident that JWCC would be a temporary transit point on our way to our next church home.  We envisioned using John Wood for six months, maybe a year tops (HA!).

But God had other plans! I say that with a smile, because He has done amazing things during our visit at John Wood. More people have joined us in this adventure (our average weekly attendance has increased by about 60 people while at JWCC!); dozens have been baptized; dozens more have become active on the mission of Jesus; as a church family, we’ve taken hundreds of next steps in growing relationships with Jesus Christ!

There has been so much good about our time at JWCC (and more to be had!) – but, of course, we have had our fair share of challenges too. With limited access to the building, our band, Creative Team, and LifePoint Kids volunteers have had to make good with less than ideal situations. Our Student Ministries Team has had to adapt to three different off-site spaces in just over three years.  With limited group and classroom space, our Pursue (adult ed.) classes and men/women’s ministries have been very limited.

These limitations have challenged us – but I also believe that, in many cases, they have made us better.  Our staff and volunteers have had to learn creativity, adaptively, and flexibility!  That said, we’re now beginning to allow ourselves to dream a bit about how our new space will allow us to better fulfill our mission.

What am I dreaming about?

As a Bible teacher and someone who values the classroom environment (I’m currently on my twelfth year of postsecondary education, which is mind-boggling!), I’m personally excited to grow the depth of our teaching environments. Rather than one-off seminars, I’m envisioning multiple Pursue (adult ed.) class offerings at any given time. What if each fall/spring you could choose between four 12-week studies, each forming you as a disciple of Jesus and preparing you to join Jesus on His mission? I long to see LifePointers trained and equipped for ministry (inside and outside of the church).  And I’m excited that as we enter 2018, we’re at a place where we can begin to dream together about how we will grow (for the sake of making disciples) in this next season of our life together!

This is just one of many things on my mind as I look into the new year and towards a new building! Join me in dreaming! Here’s to 2018… to dreaming together… and to what God has in store for us next!

Building Update #18

Thank you.

In these days just after Thanksgiving, I’m thanking God for you.

LifePoint, thank you for being a people who pursue Jesus.

Thank you for your sacrifice and risk.

Thank you for not running from hard things.

I’m thankful for hearts that are captured by the gospel and passions enlisted into His mission.

This little Thanksgiving list started over the weekend, when I was exploring some of the language that Paul uses to talk about generosity. Conversations around generosity and personal finances are a touchy subject in the church today. The Apostle Paul, however, saw the conversation differently. Paul’s heart beat to reach the lost and plant churches, but he knew that he could not (and should not) do that alone. So we find Paul thanking the church in Philippi for their financial partnership (Phil. 1:5, 4:14-20), instructing the Corinthians to financially support the work of ministry (1 Cor. 9:14), and asking the church in Rome to give generously so that he could continue on his mission.

“I hope to see you in passing as I go to Spain, and to be helped on my journey there by you, once I have enjoyed your company for a while.” (Rom. 5:24)

Paul went there. Again and again, Paul talked about money. It’s instructive, though, to see that for Paul talking about financial generosity is never simply about money. It was about the gospel. Paul’s passion for the spread of the gospel compelled him to talk about the church’s financial generosity. In other words, Paul made a direct link between financial generosity and the advancement of this gospel message.

This is why Paul was never scared to talk about money. He knew the urgency of the mission and the beauty of the message. LifePoint, may we be guided by the same convictions during this season.

May we as a church “go there” because we are so smitten by the gospel.

May we “go there” because we see the connection between our generosity and the advancement of God’s kingdom in Quincy and around the world.

This is why I’m celebrating. I’m thankful to be a part of a church family who has been willing to “go there” in this season. And that remains my prayer for LifePoint. I’m asking God that He would grant us the grace to “go there” again and again for His name’s sake in Quincy and around the world! Would you pray that prayer with me for our church?

Thankful –

Pastor Brett


*And a huge thank you to everyone who has already turned in an intention card. If you haven’t yet, please drop-off your intention card at the office this week, or email your intentions to Pastor Chris ( We plan to give the congregation an update this Sunday as to our initial numbers, and would love to include your journey in the totals. Remember: our lead goal is a discipleship goal (100% participation). No matter the financial amount, we want your journey to be a part of the celebration! Looking forward to Sunday!