Building Update #25

Guys.  Have you heard?  LifePoint is going to have an actual BUILDING by (please, Jesus) the end of this year!  Ok, I know that you know this.  This is such exciting stuff, though, and I’ll still be shouting from the rooftops well after the doors are open.

In these Building Updates, we have heard from so many passionate, talented, and deeply involved people about the many opportunities that this new building will afford us. Opportunities to spread the gospel and love on our community.  With an understanding of what’s on the horizon for this church, how can we not strive to put our best foot forward, as individuals?  What I mean is, if LifePoint Church is filled with believers who are stretching and challenging themselves to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ on a daily basis, its impact could be boundless.  Now, how do we do it?

In our culture, we love a good New Year’s resolution. But why?  I think there are three things that really drive this idea’s popularity:

  1. We love a fresh start.
  2. We feel driven to be better.
  3. We work best with a deadline (end of the year, in this case).

With this whole concept in mind, I propose we set some New Building Resolutions.

Cheesey? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

  1. We love a fresh start. We are there, right in the foyer of that fresh start.  God is giving us a brand new, fresh chapter in the life of this church and it all takes shape when we open the doors of the new building. But that’s not where it starts. To me, that actually started when we asked God to change our lives, take control of our finances, and reorient our hearts to give with joy to LifePoint Church last fall during the capital campaign.
  2. We feel driven to be better. This is where the good stuff can really happen. What is the thing (or thingS for some of us *cough* me *cough*) that is keeping you from going deeper? Struggling to carve out daily prayer/quiet time? Finding it difficult to land on the right fit in a bible reading plan?  Not loving on or investing in the people closest to you the way you wish you were?  These things are the building blocks of a passionate Jesus-follower. That’s what we want! That’s the goal! So, whatever it is – pick it, pray it, pursue it.
  3. We work best with a deadline.  True story- we love to procrastinate, when we finally get around to it. (come on, laugh) So, let’s give ourselves the “deadline”, so to speak, of December 31st, 2018. This says that I aim to accomplish ______________, and join my brothers and sisters at LifePoint to become a more Jesus-focused, prayer-devoted, scripture-scorching, gospel-driven, people-loving, grace-giving, grace-receiving body of believers by the time we do church on the first Sunday in LifePoint’s new building.

Lofty? Maybe. Possible (with God)? Definitely. As we prepare to open a new building, let’s ask God to make our hearts ready for what He wants to do!

Building Update #23

LifePoint, God did not call me to be a pastor to build a building. God called me to minister to the church, to encourage the members of the church, to be in service of that church. As we take this next step, as we go beyond, I am excited and in prayer for all of you. A building is just the space, but the church is so much more than a building could ever be.


As a member of the building vision team, I have spent time discussing this building and what excites me is that the discussion is centered around purpose. As we talk about outlet placing, door knob function, use for today, use from 10 years from now, safety measures, traffic flow in the lobby on a Sunday, and so much, more I’m excited! Why? Because the thoughts being put into our church home are centered around how we can be the church. LifePoint, a building is just a space, but that space is being made intentional for you: For you to worship on a Sunday morning; For your kids to grow up in LPK; For you to invite your neighbor into; For you to grow in your faith; For you to be the church. After all, a building is just a space, and for LifePoint’s new home I pray that space is filled with all of you being the church. I pray for you to be the church today and as we prepare for a building to get excited. There is so much we can do with our own space! Just remember it is just a space, and that you can be the church today. I want to leave you with this N.T. Wright quote to ponder;


The church exists primarily for two closely correlated purposes: to worship God and to work for his kingdom in the world … The church also exists for a third purpose, which serves the other two: to encourage one another, to build one another up in faith, to pray with and for one another, to learn from one another and teach one another, and to set one another examples to follow, challenges to take up, and urgent tasks to perform. This is all part of what is known loosely as fellowship.”